Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A group of 50 middle school students in Grand Rapids, Michigan are planning an educational field trip to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. To transport the students and chaperones, they need a full-size charter bus rental for the day. The trip begins at 8:00 AM with pickup at the school and will return around 4:00 PM after visiting both museums. Since this is a local, one-day trip, the charter bus company will likely charge an hourly rate with a minimum of 5 hours. The average hourly rate for a full-size bus in Grand Rapids is around $125/hour. With 8 hours of travel time, the estimated cost would be $1,000. Additional fees may apply for parking, team gratuity, and other incidentals.

Example #2:

A major tech company in Grand Rapids, Michigan wanted to take their sales team to a corporate conference in Chicago. With 45 employees going, they needed a full-sized charter bus rental to provide transportation. The trip from Grand Rapids to Chicago and back is around 350 miles, so pricing would be based on total mileage. For a 56-passenger bus traveling that distance over two days, they likely paid around $2,800 for the bus rental itself. Additional costs like the team’s hotel room, parking fees, and gratuity brought the total to approximately $3,200. While pricey upfront, the $71 per-employee cost made the bus very affordable when split among the large group!

Example #3:

A high school volleyball team from Grand Rapids, Michigan needed transportation for an upcoming tournament in Detroit. With 18 players, 3 coaches, and a considerable amount of equipment and luggage, the team settled on a full-sized charter bus rental with a capacity of 56 passengers. For the 3-day tournament, the rental cost was around $3,600, which included the team’s hotel stay and parking fees. Splitting the cost among the entire team made the per-person price just $180, an excellent value compared to taking multiple vans or personal vehicles.

Example #4:

A group of 45 high school students from Grand Rapids, Michigan needed transportation for their class field trip to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Blandford Nature Center. They requested a quote for a charter bus rental to provide round-trip transportation and shuttling between the two locations. Based on the 4-hour duration of the trip within the local area, the bus company quoted $595 for the chartered bus service, estimating $13.22 per student for the day trip. Additional costs could include parking fees at each location and a suggested 15-20% gratuity for the professional team.

Example #5:

A bride-to-be in Grand Rapids, Michigan was planning her dream wedding with 200 guests. To ensure her entire wedding party and out-of-town guests could travel together, she booked a fleet of 4 charter buses for her big day. With each bus rented at $1,200 per day, the total bus transportation cost for the wedding came to $4,800. This covered guest transportation to and from the ceremony venue, reception location, and hotel pick-ups and drop-offs over the course of two days. The higher price also factored in the peak summer wedding season when charter bus demand is high. Despite the substantial investment, the bride felt the convenience and luxury of private bus transportation was well worth it to provide a seamless experience for her loved ones.

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